35 Muslims in Haryana’s Jind Convert to Hinduism amid Social Boycotts

Jind city

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JIND – Amid facing boycotts and the attacks in the time of Corona outbreak, thirty-five members of six Muslim families, belonging to Danoda Kalan village in Haryana’s Jind district, have embraced Hinduism.

The families converted to Hinduism three days ago, but there are no details of how exactly they did this, reported the Times of India.

An elderly Muslim, Neki Ram (70) died of some illness on April 18 and his family performed his last rites according to Hindu customs.

The move comes at a time when violence against Muslims has increased in the state in the last few weeks during the lockdown. Four Muslims were attacked in Jind’s Dhadrath village on April 5 when they didn’t switch off their lights on the PM’s appeal. A welding shop, owned by a Muslim, was set on fire on April 9 in CM ML Khattar’s adopted village and the owners were threatened that their skull caps would be removed and their beards shaved off.

Danoda Kalan sarpanch Purshotam Sharma claimed that there was no pressure on them to convert. They were converted due to the Tablighi Jamaat who tarnished the image of Muslim community.

According to the daily, the families belong to mirasi or Doom community, who are considered genealogists and traditionally are singers and dancers. There are around 60 Muslim families identified with different castes such as lohar (blacksmiths), teli (oil-millers) and mirasis in this village, which is situated 43 km from Jind town on the Hisar-Narwana road. The members of the Doom community have a fluid religious identity, with names and customs taken from both the religions in the region. Guru Nanak Dev’s accompanying musician Bhai Mardaana, too, belonged to the Doom community.

Naresh Kumar (38), whose father died on April 18, claimed, “We were not completely Muslims as we were following rituals which were similar to Hinduism except performing the last rites after death. Now, we have decided to convert to Hinduism and have no pressure on us.”

However, the Muslims are saying that they have been witnessing the attacks and social boycotts so much so that the situation is becoming scary for them.

A Muslim resident of the village, on condition of anonymity, said, “The village’s environment has changed these days. People have forgotten the pandemic and are only targeting Muslims for spreading the deadly virus, which has caused panic among the community. Even in this village, we are getting information that the situation is becoming scary with the passage of time. Our community, which is dependent on seeking alms, is facing a hard time as Hindus doubt us due to the Tablighi Jamaat incident. The Muslim community is as patriotic as others in India but panic is being created deliberately in the country which should be opposed by every responsible citizen.”

Another villager, who also did not want to disclose his identity, said the situation has become worse in villages. “Muslims are getting threats and face a social boycott.”

When asked for his reaction, Jind deputy commissioner Aaditya Dahiya claimed “No one has approached us on the issue of somebody facing religious persecution. If any citizen of the district faces trouble, they can contact us and we will take.

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi called it ‘fraudulent conversion’ saying that they are converting because of social boycotts.

“Muslims in Jind have been seeing continuous attacks, social boycotts & threats. People who depend on alms have to choose conversion in order to not starve. Is this not fraudulent conversion? Is fraudulent conversion only bad when a person leaves Hinduism,” tweeted Owaisi.



  1. In Andhra Pradesh and State of Telangana people from my community Dudekula,duthakula,pinjari are being treated as untouchable by muslims,though majority were converted into islam during Moghal rule particularly in the rule of Alauddin khilzi and Aurangazeb.we still follow hinduism like our communitiy people in other states i.e.kandera,dhunia,pinja,pinjra,penja,pinjra,the cotton ginning or carding community in this country.it is sad that muslims in our states are being givn special previleges and negative treatment to our community.muslims hate the people of our community rather than other hindus.muslims provoke hindus to insult,inhumiliate opr torture every where even in schools,colleges,or any other public places.we are being targeted by the people from scheduled caste and scheduled tribe.we hindu dudekula feel unhappy that we though in india are facing the tunes of pakistann towards hindus there.this is our secularism.


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