12-Year-Old in Hyderabad Emerges as Software Developer and Budding Entrepreneur


HYDERABAD (ANI) – In an incredible story of precocious talent, a young 12-year old girl from the city has emerged as a software developer and a budding entrepreneur.

The talented young girl Zunaira Khan has been developing software for various clients from the age of eight years and has pursued it passionately until now when she is aged around twelve years.


She has developed many business applications for various organisations, and she is running her own company.

Speaking to ANI Zunaira Khan said, “My mother is an IT Trainer and used to take classes for B Tech students. I was fascinated by the way she used to teach them and asked her to train me. I started learning at the age of seven and developing software at the age of eight years.”

“I developed my own website ZM Infocom and have been training B Tech students. Right now I have developed an application for ‘Team Management’ which I would launch shortly. This application will help an organization to deal with crisis like lack of team identity, participation, and slow flow of information,” she added.

“Till now I have trained four to five batches. I work on web and mobile applications. For web applications, I work on HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL database and javascript. Within client projects, I have done mobile applications and business applications. Right now, I am working for an NGO, I have created a website, and I manage their website” said Khan.

Zunaira has been conferred with the title of ‘Digital Ambassador’ of Delhi Public School where she is pursuing her seventh class studies.

Zunaira’s mother Nishat Khan while speaking to ANI said, “It did come to me as a surprise when Zunaira at the age of seven years came and asked me to train her on IT sector. But as a parent, it was my prime duty to encourage her in what she wanted to do, and I am really proud of her as to how she is progressing in her career.”

Mohammed Arbaz Alam, a B Tech student and a trainee from Zunaira’s training class sharing his experience said, “It was truly enriching being trained under her. I am sure what I learnt with her is going to help me in developing my career.”


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