119 People Killed in 2 Days in Afghanistan; Taliban Gains Ground

Afghan army soldiers take part in a military operation against Taliban militants in Mehterlam, Laghman province, Afghanistan, on May 24, 2021. — Xinhua/IANS

Of the 119 victims, 102 were members of the security forces.

KABUL — As the level of violence remains high in Afghanistan despite efforts to jumpstart the stalled peace process, a total of 119 people were killed in clashes and security incident in just two days, June 3-4, an official said here.

The official, on the condition of anonymity, said that 196 security personnel were injured also during this period, TOLO News reported on Sunday.

According to the official, 54 people were killed on June 3, while there were 65 casualties the next day.

Of the 119 victims, 102 were members of the security forces.

There were also 17 civilian casualties in the two days, while 55 were wounded, the official added.

Meanwhile, the Defence Ministry figures revealed that 183 Taliban were killed in Afghan defensive operations in eight provinces on June 3, and 181 militants were reports dead across six provinces on June 4.

The Taliban has however, rejected the figures.

Afghan civilians continue to bear the brunt of armed conflicts as more than 2,950 civilians were killed and over 5,540 others wounded due to fighting in the country last year, according to the country’s independent human rights commission.

The agency has attributed 53 per cent of civilian casualties to the Taliban and 15 per cent to pro-government security forces over the period, while 25 per cent were caused by unknown perpetrators and the rest 7 per cent were blamed on other reasons.

Out of total casualties, 330 women and 565 children were killed in separate attacks last year, according to figures of the independent human rights commission.

Taliban gains ground as 2 more Afghan districts fall

In further gains since the official start of the withdrawal of the international troops, Taliban insurgents have captured two more districts in Afghanistan, officials said on Monday.

In northern Faryab province, the government forces abandoned the Qaysar district centre, which houses senior local officials, late on Sunday, reports dpa news agency.

The forces fled to a hilltop in a village nearby after days of heavy fighting, including a car bomb attack on Saturday on the local police headquarters that left several police officers dead.

About a hundred forces were feared to have been killed, wounded or taken captive in recent days, an informed source in the province told dpa.

Only a small number of forces kept resisting on Monday from the hilltop, provincial councillors Abdul Manan Qati and Fazel Haq Mohammadi said.

In the meantime, the Taliban took control of Shahrak district in western Ghor province on Sunday evening, an official said on Monday.

Speaking to broadcasters, Ghor Governor Abdul Zahir Faizada said that in order to avoid civilian casualties, the government forces have tactically retreated from the district centre.

Faizada added that fighting with the militants on Sunday left seven security forces dead, and wounded three others.

The militants have made a string of gains in the country.

Since the beginning of the official withdrawal of the US and other NATO troops in Afghanistan on May 1, at least nine districts have fallen to the Taliban. — IANS


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