102-Year-Old Mohammad Anuwar Ali Asked to Prove Citizenship in Assam

Mohammad Anuwar Ali

Caravan News

GUWAHATI – As many as 2,904 people in a few villages of Boko in Assam’s Kamrup district were left bewildered after they were summoned to Upper Assam districts within a day to prove their citizenship at 8 pm on Saturday (approx). They had to appear for the hearings in remote Upper Assam districts almost 500 kms away within less than 48-hours.

The panicked villagers sold their land, cattle, jewellery and whatever else they had — and boarded 25 buses to Upper Assam — each carrying a hefty price tag of Rs. 25,000 – 35,000. 500

However, the situation is extra tense in Baruagaon as 102-years-old Mohammad Anuwar Ali, the most elderly man in the village, has also been served a notice.

Speaking to Inside Northeast, Ali says that he has been summoned to Sibsagar. “I have been summoned to Sibsagar, Jorhat, places I have never even heard the names of. I was born here 102 years ago, and I have been here ever since”, Ali says, with a hint of exasperation in his voice.

He adds that sixteen of his family members have received hearing notices. “How will we get therem where will we get the money?”, he quizzes.

The poor people from Hojai have asked the Government how they are expected to go to Upper Assam within a day considering their financial difficulties? However, the administration is pushing for ‘re-verification’ despite the Supreme Court stopped the NRC authorities from doing the same. Recently, around 200 activists, journalists and concerned citizen wrote an open letter to the Supreme Court drawing its attention towards the violations of its in send notices for ‘re-verfication’.



  1. I have the prove of Mohammed Anwar Ali
    That he is a Indian
    He is from Mysore
    Because he belongs to our family
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