10 Lakh Muslims, 17 Lakh Dalits; Names of 40 Lakh Voters in Maharashtra Missing: Justice (Retd) BG Kolse Patil

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The JD(S) national general secretary cited the findings of a survey conducted by a Hyderabad-based firm.

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MUMBAI — The Janata Dal (Secular) has said that names of nearly 40 lakh voters in Maharashtra have gone missing from the voters’ list as part of a “conspiracy hatched by the BJP” for political gains.

Justice (retd) B G Kolse Patil, national general secretary of the Janata Dal, while citing the findings of a survey conducted by a Hyderabad-based firm, said that names of 39,27,882 or 4.6 per cent of the total number of voters- were missing from the voters’ list, reports PTI.

While addressing a news conference here on Friday, the former judge of Bombay High Court, Kolse-Patil, said “Out of the 39,27,882 names, 17 lakh voters are Dalits, while 10 lakh are Muslims. This is a conspiracy hatched by the BJP for political gains.”

The survey was conducted by IT engineer Khalid Saifullah, founder of the Missing Voter App, to assess the number of missing voters.

Khalid Saifullah claimed that names of approximately 12.7 crore voters in the country, including three crore Muslims, has gone missing from the voters’ list, who may not be able to vote in the May 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

His team surveyed 69 of the total 288 assembly constituencies in Maharashtra, he informed

The Janata Dal (Secular) leader, Patil, expressed hope there was still time to undo all these flaws and the Election Commission (EC) must do it.

Mr Saifullah informed that his free mobile app, Missing Voters, has details of all the constituencies, the number of households on each street and the number of voters in each household.

“Considering the gravity of the issue, the state Election Commission must undertake a drive to take corrective steps, otherwise a large number of voters will be deprived of their right,” Khalid Saifullah said.

‘Missing Voters App’, is an application developed by Hyderabad-based RayLabs Technologies, has involved thousands of people who not only enrolled their names, but also worked as volunteers in bringing the missing voters back in the electoral rolls across the country.

The app also allows voters to enroll themselves in two minutes, says Saifullah.

Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS AppStore, the App quickly finds from very minimum data inputs whether a person is registered as a voter or not and simultaneously allows the voter himself or volunteers to fill in the required form and submit it in the App on his/her behalf. The backend team of RayLabs Technologies then uploads the form on the Election Commission website along with the required documents for obtaining a voter ID.



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